Long-Term Financial Planning

Long Term Financial Planning

In the realm of long-term financial planning, precision and adaptability are paramount. Advanced360 Solutions rises to the challenge with a comprehensive approach that extends over a five-year horizon, meticulously capturing all known expense variations, whether operating or capital-related.


November 14, 2020




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Overview Project

At the heart of their solution lies a flexible model structure, offering default inputs while empowering clients to exert control over annual product demand, pricing adjustments, and cost fluctuations at a granular product level. Augmented by built-in sensitivity analyses, this model unveils a spectrum of potential outcomes, enabling stakeholders to navigate diverse product adoption scenarios with confidence.

The Problem

SOMOS needed a long term, product-driven financial forecast.  Some products were mature and relatively stable, while others were new and others not yet in development.

Our Soltuions

Financial projections captured all known expense changes – both operating and capital – over the upcoming five year period.  Flexible model structure provided default inputs based on client information, but allowed for client-controlled annual product demand and pricing adjustments and cost adjustments at product level.  Built-in sensitivity analyses provided a range of results to assess the impact of different product adoption scenarios. Model produced annual product contributions, aggregate results rolled into a consolidated P&L, and incorporated five-year cash flow analysis, KPIs and visualization dashboards. 

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