Vendor Management

Vendor Management

In the dynamic landscape of Vendor Management, success hinges on adept negotiation and a deep understanding of business dynamics. Advanced360 Solutions exemplifies mastery in this arena, employing direct communication and strategic alignment to forge symbiotic relationships with vendors.


November 14, 2020


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Vendor Management



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Overview Project

By facilitating transparent dialogue, they identified opportunities for alignment between vendor capabilities and the client’s strategic goals, paving the way for transformative outcomes.

The Problem

A data center outsourcing provider accounted for approximately 40% of total company costs and customers needed to significantly reduce costs while maintaining 95% of the services and a positive relationship with the vendor.

Our Soltuions

Through direct conversation and clarity of the business needs, we were able to identify circumstances under which the vendor could meet the business’ goals. Extending the term of the agreement and providing assurances to spend a bit more in the future, as circumstances changed, allowed the client to reduce data center net costs by 29% annually.  The negotiation also resulted in a better relationship with the vendor.

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