Tech Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling for the Tech Industry

Understanding the financial impacts of business decisions is critical to the ongoing health of your company. The ideal financial model complements and helps drive the company’s strategic plans.

Advanced360 Solutions utilizes decades of experience in mathematical performance modeling and economic trend analysis to create custom solutions for long-term financial forecasting, including, budgeting, product costing, debt management, and dimensional profitability analyses. 

“It is common for companies to struggle with communication barriers, especially between finance and IT. IT wants to implement the best solution based on business needs. Finance has the same goal, but may not incorporate language like ‘containerization,’ ‘petabytes,’ and ‘Kubernetes.’ Developing a common language that ties IT drivers to real-world costs is required to help both teams succeed. When economic levers are both IT drivers and cost drivers, the finance and tech teams can communicate to pull them effectively, removing a critical barrier to company growth.” – William Carter, President & CEO

Our Unique Approach to Financial Analysis

dvanced360 Solutions approach to financial modeling form every direction to unify resources, goals, and language: 

  • ActionableAnalyses that result in clear, actionable steps.

  • Goal orientedDecisions that definitively move the client towards corporate goals.

  • Comprehensive: Compiling data and information cross-departmentally to identify demand drivers, revenues, and costs.

  • Cross Dimensional Analyses: examination of financials across product, market and geographic dimensions.

  • Sensitivity Analyses: Uncertainty can’t be controlled, but understanding and anticipating variations and probabilities can drive informed choices and responsive planning.

Advanced360 Solutions models are customized to each client by aligning with internal systems to ensure success. We can incorporate dashboards into existing systems or deposit resulting data in a data lake to allow for dashboarding in an external tool.

Your financial data must be analyzed and managed to serve your company’s financial goals. We can help.

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