Returning Value to Investors

Returning Value to Investors

In the dawn of the new millennium, Arbinet-thexchange emerged as a promising yet nascent concept, embodying the potential to revolutionize the telecommunications industry. However, the road to realizing this vision was fraught with challenges, chief among them being the need for seasoned expertise to translate the idea into tangible success.


November 14, 2020




Strategic Planning



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Overview Project

This case study illuminates the pivotal role played by strategic leadership in returning value to investors through technological innovation and astute execution. By integrating into the leadership framework, our team facilitated the development of a comprehensive strategy that propelled Arbinet-thexchange from its humble beginnings to a global force in the telecommunications arena.

The Problem

In 2000, Arbinet-theexhange was not much more than a concept. While the idea was goodm it was limited to a few people, folding chairs, tables, and ethernet cables strung across the floor. What they needed was additional experiences staff member with the intellectual capital needed for execution.

Our Soltuions

We became part of the leadership team and immediately helped build a comprehensive strategy.  We helped design, implement and raise awareness of the most technologically advanced solution for trading, routing, and settling IP and ILD capacity that was utilized by hundreds of global service providers.  This gave the company a significantly stronger foundation, which helped them become the most successful NASDAQ listing in 2006. During its IPO opening, the stock moved from pennies to as much as $24 per share.

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