Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation: Evolution for a Competitive Advantage


At Advanced360 Solutions, we find that many digital transformation plans face one or more of the following barriers to success, including:

  • Lack of executive sponsorship
  • Inconsistent internal stakeholder buy-in/accountability

  • Inefficiency

  • Siloed decision making

  • Unprepared for unexpected challenges

  • Communications missteps

  • Lack of clarity, vision, and imagination

Our proven process actively engages stakeholders to streamline communications and proactively address each of the issues above, proactively preventing project failure.

Trusted Methodology, Proven Results

At Advanced360 Solutions, we utilize the cloud-based ecosystem modeling tool Transformation Accelerator to ensure success on every project: On-time, on budget, and on point.

Transformation Accelerator:

  • Enables active collaboration and continuous feedback

  • Keeps stakeholder informed and engaged

  • Provides clarity and focus, aligning goals to your vision

Transformation Accelerator offers proven methodologies that incorporate best practices and standards for each organization. This helps us provide clarity for your digital transformation project with stakeholder maps for roles/responsibilities/accountabilities inside your organization, and the ability to create visual characteristics of every element in your business ecosystem.

Transformation Accelerator can Drive Project Completion Rates

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Flexibility for Continued Technological Advances

Technology is not slowing down. IoT and 5G capabilities further drive individual and collective connectivity. Companies that thrive in the modern tech environment are those that best connect with their customers, their employees, and their business partners and vendors.

These companies listen, analyze, and assess challenges and can make decisions quickly, adapting to continuing changes in technology to drive efficiencies. The most agile companies are those that can and will succeed—even in disruptive, ever-changing environments.

Agility doesn’t just mean the right technological infrastructure, but also skilled personnel who can collect, analyze, and digest data to make the right decisions via rules-based and knowledge-based (AI) decision-making algorithms.

The best digital transformation effort can not only change how you operate but position you for continued success throughout a continually evolving business environment.

Our Custom Digital Transformation Methodologies

Successful digital transformation isn’t just about technology and data management. It also includes:

  • Improved customer experience customized to their preferred communication channel

  • Broader internal engagement through the elimination of workflow silos

  • Seamless internal/external integration with the right partners and vendors to improve your ability to innovate and grow

  • Retooling of HR programs to serve a digitally savvy workforce

Biggest Barrier to Success

Old-school stakeholders may cling to the mindset, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This will hold you back.

Adaptability and Flexibility are key to a successful digital disruption. Plans must have a basis in the marketplace, account for business drivers, and anticipate and plan for changes that may materialize, with the capability to pivot accordingly.

Digital Transformation

What Does Digital Transformation Success Look Like?

A successful digital transformation should be measurable utilizing clearly defined, mutually agreed-upon metrics. Some metrics may be ones that your company has used for years, such as revenue growth, profitability, and customer lifetime value. However, some of these may metrics may not be as valuable in a transformed company, so you must align to new metrics for your new business environment.

We can help.

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Transformation for Streamlined Success

We work with businesses of all types and sizes and develop custom digital transformation plans based on your goals and expected outcomes. Whether you’re looking to transform outdated legacy systems and evolve into more a modern business environment, are a small company looking to cut overspend and redundancies while driving growth in the digital world, or represent a city, town, or municipality that needs a partner to help them transform into a “smart city,” Advanced360 Solutions will bring the right digital transformation solution to you.

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